I was an exceptional problem solver since I was a little kid. Excelling in all aspects of Mathematics and Statistics, I found pleasure in solving different and tricky problems and questions. After successfully trying out my skills and passion for problem solving in programming, I knew I would be a really good it.

I have been developing Web and Desktop Applications since 2015 using a wide variety of languages, frameworks and tools specilizing in C# ASP.NET MVC. I have also used JavaEE, JSP, EJB and Servlets to develop Enterprise Level Web Applications; as well as MEAN stack for web applications. But enough about that. You can find more about my development experience in the Projects Sections of the website or my resume attached below.

Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF): Resume_Mohit_Ramnani.pdf
Microsoft Word Format(Docx): Resume_Mohit_Ramnani.docx

You must be well aware by now that I am a huge football fan(a sport referred to as soccer in some places apparently) from the background images here. Well, you are not wrong. So just in case if you are not so much into programming, just shoot me an email, we will talk about soccer. ;)



Personal Portfolio

Split The Bill

NewsAPI - Read what you Need

Sep 2017 – Dec 2017

Project descriptionIn our fourth semester of Software Engineering prog, we were learning to build various Web APIs using many technologies for our final project of the course name, API Engineering and Cloud Computing course.

NewsAPI is a platform where we combine various news sources like Forbes, Medium, NYT, CBC News, Toronto Star using their APIs, which makes a lot easy to read customized daily news feeds. AS a solution, NewsAPI takes personalized data from the customers and give more related news as their preference without shuffling through many web pages.

Techs used: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, APIgee, Swagger, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Personal Portfolio Website


This is a personal project of mine that I started a while ago to have an online portfolio website that would highlight all my achievements, projects, hobbies, skills and provide everyone on the internet an opportunity to learn more about me.

I intially started with an Adobe Portfolio website and stuck with it for a long time, but soon I realized that it is time I build my own website from scratch using the technology and tools I am familiar with. This portfolio is built on Visual Studio's ASP.NET MVC framework, however the major building blocks of this website are HTML, CSS JavaScript and jQuery.

This one is a never ending project as it literally reflects my professional life and as a result you will see a lot of things change as time passes and I get to learn new and exciting things.


July 2017 - Present

Split-the-Bill was a freelance C# application I created that uses the File I/O feature in Visual Studio to effectively read a data file, parse it and feed it into an algorithm that calculates individual shares in a group expenditure and stores that in a separate file.

The front-end of this application will be programmed in ASP.NET MVC framework and is still under development. The front-end of this application will allow the user to input expenditures in a web form and get to know how much each individual owes in a group.


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